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Keith Holjencin

Product Designer

Check out a handful of my designs below for BarkBox, Forrst, and my roaring twenties wedding.


BarkBox is a monthly box of goodies for your dog.



The entire BarkBox website and branding got a lot of love on this project.

I redesigned the entire user account section for managing your BarkBoxes, gifts, and payment options. The homepage and marketing pages were updated with a baseline grid, and responsive typography using a modular scale.

I also overhauled the branding for the company with brighter colors, consistent fonts for web and print, a touch of texture, and a sprinkling of fun copy throughout.

While the BarkBox team has evolved the branding, here is what the homepage looked like when we launched with my updated design.


Playful Branding:

Update the branding with a fun look, and playful copy. Hand-drawn illustrations, the Burbank typeface, and a touch of cardboard texture.

Responsive Design:

From smartphones, to tablets, to large displays, the site should display appropriately to the size of the browser.

Easy BarkBox Management:

Adding a new dog, changing your subscription, or adding a gift can be easily updated through the tabbed account settings.

Pattern Library:

Create a pattern library of elements for consistency and faster prototyping of features.

BarkBox Homepage

Accounts Settings Page

BarkBox Settings Page

Wedding Website

The website for my roaring twenties themed wedding, as well as the mailed wedding invitation.



For our roaring twenties themed wedding, I designed the website, invite, table numbers, and escort cards with an antique look of texture, the Le Havre typeface, and splashes of cranberry.

It was fun to solve some of the problems I saw in the current state of wedding websites. For example, the ability to quick find directions while on the road, wedding day agenda, and, for those that wanted to dress up, loads of ideas for what to wear.

I have also included the printed wedding invite postcard that we sent to guests.


Live Chat with Guests:

Guests coming to the wedding website could chat with us live to ask questions via Olark.

Online RSVP:

The online RSVP is the first thing after the time, date, and location. No searching around for how to tell us whether you were coming or not.

Responsive Design:

A "Get Directions" button when viewing on smaller screens so that traveling guests could quickly find their way. This opens up Google maps, finds the guest's current position, and shows them directions.


Wedding-wide color palette of brown and cranberry, art deco inspired typeface, aged photos, and line art come together to form the foundation of our wedding's look and feel.

Wedding Website Image

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Image


Forrst is an online community of web designers and developers that thrives on sharing knowledge and thoughtful critique.



This was my design for the new look of Forrst before it was acquired by ColourLovers followed by ZURB.

This was not launched due to the timing of the acquisition.


Pattern Library:

Create a pattern library of elements for consistency and faster prototyping of features.

Focus on Comments:

Give comments/feedback more precedence.

Smaller Footprint:

Decrease the file size of the site and assets for faster loading times.

Better Context:

Add context to uploaded designs looking for critique.

Grid System:

Align the entire site to a grid and a typographic modular scale.

Forrst Main Stream

Single Post Page

Forrst Single Post