Keith Holjencin

Product Designer


As we navigate how technology can improve our lives, I am pulled towards companies that are mission-driven, commanded to do good in the world, and are working in a sustainable way.

Understanding what customers value, and how they imagine their lives improving is the foundation for building great products.

Let's focus on what your products enable people to do, and not strictly the features themselves.

“Upgrade your user, not your product. Don’t build better cameras, build better photographers.”
Kickstarter Logo


2014 — 2018

Product Design Lead

Discovery Team / Product Design Lead

Together with the team, I am responsible for connecting people’s interests with creative projects throughout all of Kickstarter's category pages, search, and project recommendations.

Design System Team

I am a proud member of the team that is creating, evolving, and maintaining Kickstarter’s design system and documentation.

International Team

In a past feature-team setup, I've helped launch Kickstarter in 10 new countries, support 3 new languages, and 12 new currencies.

New Profile

Profiles now act as a better place to reveal what you care about supporting. Design improvements abound, from letting folks follow creators to new projects cards that give a better glimpse of your interests.

All of this was done while bringing profiles up to date with our current Design System.

In collaboration with: Nicole Yeo

Guided Search on iPhone image

Guided Search

Search as exploration

Beyond just project results, traverse Kickstarter by exploring which categories and creators are related to your search.

Available across all devices

Guided search was developed from the start to be mobile-first. Expect all of the new power of search across all of your devices.

In collaboration with: Orion McClelland

Time Inc. Logo

Time Inc.


Design System

Time Inc. wanted a full design system to accompany its redesign to let each of its brands stand on their own, but still feel part of the Time Inc. family.

I had the honor of teaming up with Josh Clark, Brad Frost, Melissa Frost, and a handful of other talented folks to complete this massive (beautiful) undertaking.

Atoms. Molecules. Organisms.

Atomic Design using PatternLab

Using PatternLab we built from the smallest pieces, atoms (colors, headings, etc.), and then combined them into larger components, organisms (navigation, hero images, media blocks, etc.). Eventually full-page designs were created.

Example of Design System in action above

Here components large and small combine to create something that is distinctly Entertainment Weekly yet familiar under the umbrella of Time Inc.

Visual language by Melissa Frost

BarkBox Logo



Lead Product Designer


I was responsible for a full responsive redesign.

This includes everything from subscribing to account settings, and marketing pages to ads. It was all tied together by creating the initial Design System later expanded on by the growing team.

New Branding

BarkBox wanted to do good in the world, and have fun at the same time. And the brand reflects that with charming hand-drawn illustrations and a sprinkle of humor in their copy.

This was loads of fun right down to pitching in on hand-stamping and filling each BarkBox together. We even got the tissue paper inside to match the BarkBox blue.

Redesign and New Brand Launch

Add confidence. Show, don't tell.

We better explained through videos and other visual aides how the service worked, and what to expect inside a typical BarkBox.

The added clarity sped up folks who chose to subscribe because they knew what to expect.

It was also a chance to show off the fun packaging tied into the new brand.

Forrst Logo


2009 — 2012

Product Designer

Designing for Community Building

I designed to keep the quality of Forrst membership intact while growing to 50,0000+ members with a unique invite system, and connecting then with career opportunities through our Job Board.

In 2012, Forrst was acquired by ColourLovers, and then later by ZURB.

In collaboration with: Kyle Bragger (Founder), Zack Kitzmiller, Adam Kopec, and Pasquale D'Silva

Forrst Stream

Above was a redesign of the activity stream. It focused on customizing filters, and surfacing the "Looking for feedback" section of each post without having to open the detailed viewed.