Good Folks

A growing list of people who have shaped me by how they think, what they have created, or directly working with them.

Jonathan Blow

Game Designer
I love how Jonathan thinks about games, and what they're capable of. His Creative Mornings talk should give you a good idea of what he's about. He shares some of his insights on video game design in Indie Game: The Movie.

Kyle Bragger

Product Designer
His mix of intelligence, work ethic, and absurd sense of humor make him such a stellar guy. Kyle is responsible for one of the greatest working friendships I've ever had. Oh, and my beard.

John Carmack

Game Engine Designer
John is the game engine developer for Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and the Quake series. The amount of technical knowledge he puts into even one tweet will blow your mind.

Brad Frost

Front-end Designer
He's always writing, always speaking, always making and somehow he always finds time to help someone else out. Brad is creating Pattern Lab with Dave Olsen. He's one of the reasons I want to be more involved with the web. Read Brad's writing over at his place.

Melissa Frost

Illustrator / Designer
Melissa is a blast. Read about her 40-day Yoga Challenge or check out her design work. She has some awesome stuff on the way. Folks, the Frosts are seriously hard to top. Hi, Ziggy!

Jonnie Hallman

Product Designer
Take a peek at his recent projects and you'll not only see some big clients, but great work. His writing features project breakdowns including the process and behind-the-scenes tidbits. Cushion, Jonnie's app for freelancers, is worth a look.

Jonathan Harris

Artist / Product Designer
Jonathan gave a moving Creative Mornings talk examing his life in five chapters: Paint, Data, Documentary, Autobiography, Tools. The article titled Modern Medicine he wrote is a reminder to be consistantly aware of how what I'm designing affects the world.

Joni Korpi

Joni has a great balance of sharing what he has learned, design ideas, and Kickstarter projects. Bonus points for having a solid taste in video games. He has been terrific to follow on twitter.

Adam Lisagor

Director / Writer
His company Sandwich Video creates the best app promo videos out there. Adam's deadpan humor is only matched by his modesty. Listen to this awesome interview with him, or read one on The Great Discontent.

Dan Mall

Creative Director
He co-hosts a great business design podcast called The Businessology Show. Dan recommended one of my favorite books called The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, and is giving away a project timeline. A good post to start with of his is How to Get The Work You Want.

Ryan Singer

Product Designer
Ryan's view on design is focused on how it works, why it's being done, and clear messaging. He was the first to introduce me to the Jobs to be Done, and Christopher Alexander's insightful work. Check out his recommended reading list.

Bret Victor

He took a few problems that I had noticed with programming and took them further than I ever could. His talks Inventing on Principle and The Future of Programming are incredible. Also, Bret's recommended book list is worth a look.